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PT Sarana Teknik Pump

PT SARANA SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Series  Lph Brand Sihi
PT SARANA SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Series  Lph Brand Sihi
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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (Lph Leh & Lem)
This Illustration Is Of A Typical Sihi Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. The Principal Components Are The Suction And Discharge Covers, The Intermediate Port Plates, The Impellers, Shaft And Bearing Supports. Built Up In Sections Which Are Held Together By Longitudinal Tie Bolts Passing From Cover To Cover, Many Parts Are Common To Two Or More Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. By Utilizing Various Combinations Of Impeller Sizes, Staging And Direction Of Gas Travel, It Is Possible To Produce Models Of Varying Capacities From The Same Basic Components.
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Are Equipped Normally With Two Or More External Bearings. Stainless Steel Shafts Of Rugged Design Further Add To Over-All Durability And Reliability. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Are Capable Of 25 Torr (1&Quot; Hg Abs) With 60&Deg;F Water. Pressures Of 12 Torr. And Less, Are Possible With Low Vapor Pressure Fluids. Sihi Atmospheric Air Ejectors Can Decrease This To About 3 Torr. Or Auxiliary Equipment, Such As Rotary Lobe Blowers And Steam Jets Can Extend This Range 1 Torr Or Less.

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